Are sharpies waterproof?

Are sharpies waterproof?

There are lots of questions about the sharpie brand such as:-

  • What are the sharpies?
  • Can sharpie bleed in water?
  • Are sharpies resist water?
  • Are sharpies markers are waterproof?

First of all, sharpie is a brand, and Sharpie markers are referred to as “permanent markers” since they are promoted as waterproof pens that will not fade or run when wet.

You should be aware that the term “Sharpie markers” refers to a popular brand of marker pens rather than the overall marker market.

Sharpie pens come in how many colors?

Sharpie Art Pens are available in 21 vibrant colors that do not bleed through paper! These pens come in a reusable sturdy case that’s great for on-the-go and desk storage.

The ink of the sharpie

  • Sharpie pens have non-reusable that is waterproof, smear-resistant, and fade-resistant, making them ideal for archival journals and scrapbooks.
  • Permanent markers use a specific ink that is made of electrically saturated and inactive ions. These compounds are known as “non-polar” ones and they behave like oily substances.
  • On the other hand, water is a polar compound that repels nonpolar molecules, such as the ones making up Sharpie’s marker ink. Therefore, Sharpie ink doesn’t dissolve in water.
  • Remember before the sharpies dry out, they may contain polar particles that can absorb water (they are meant to aid ink glide on paper).
  • These polar particles can be smeared with water before they dissipate. As a result, freshly applied Sharpie markings may not withstand water as well as older, dry markings.

Permanent and non-permanent markers

A non-permanent Sharpie marker is not waterproof, and it will bleed if it comes into touch with water even briefly. Sharpies are more correctly defined as water-repellent than waterproof because they require certain conditions to be entirely waterproof and may not be able to withstand water in other circumstances.

A permanent marker is a felt-tip pen that writes on most surfaces, including glass and refined surfaces, and uses permanent ink. Permanent markers have water-resistant ink that cannot be washed away.


Water-resistance depends on the nature of the liquid, the type of the marker, and the medium used.

Quality of sharpie pens and others.

May some brands have low-quality markers that not be waterproof like a sharpie. Sharpie brand uses permanent ink that resists water.

Is Sharpie going to stay on your jeans?

Please keep in mind that the designs will begin to fade after a few washes, so you’ll need to touch them up. Also, as much fun as Sharpies are, keep in mind that they are permanent markers that emit dangerous fumes.

Uses of waterproof marker

  • Water-resistant sharpies are sometimes used by watercolor artists to outline particular portions of their drawings.
  • Sharpie permanent markers can be used to label multiple items in wet places, such as refrigerators, freezers and, underwater tanks.
  • The Sharpie Pen was created specifically for your daily writing needs. It can be used for taking notes, journaling, writing letters, and making cards, among other things.

Tips to keep the sharpies waterproof

  • Be careful to follow instructions for the Sharpie pen you’re using, because the waterproof ones state so clearly on the pen.
  • The more dry the markings are, the more resistant they are to smudging and fading. Allow time for the sharpie markings to dry before continuing to paint if you’re using watercolors.
  • Sharpie markers are water-repellent only when used on paper. Because using it on other surfaces, such as glass, could cause them to fade when exposed to water, the instructions state that.

When Sharpie dries, how long does it take?

Depending on where you live and the environment, it can take up to 2 days.

Which store do I go to get my favorite Sharpie?

Sharpie goods are available at your local office supply store, retail store, medicine store, on your favorite internet retailer sites,  and on Amazon.


Sharpie’s waterproof guarantee relates to ink that is used to write on thick paper. It doesn’t rule out the possibility of any bleeding or fading. It also doesn’t rule out the possibility of a Sharpie fading in the wash or ink leaking if an item is laundered. When Sharpie pens are wet, they repel water, but as they dry, they become more water-resistant. For the most part, yes. They are alcohol-based markers. Sharpie bleed is possible, depending on your approach. Watch the video to see the results of a water bleed test on Sharpie markers and Sharpie pens! Hope you are bow satisfied with our research and suggestions.

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