Behr Waterproofing Stain and Sealer Reviews, And how to Apply it?

behr waterproofing stain and sealer

Behr waterproofing stains and sealers are used to protect and beautify wood stains and sealers. This product will protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays for up to 10 years. Behr waterproofing stain and sealer is available in various colors to help you get any look you want. Its application temperature is 35–90 F (1.7–32 C), its application tools are a pad, brush, roller, sprayer, etc., its drying time is 1–2 hours, and 2 coats are required. This solution penetrates deeply into the wood to provide total protection from the weather for up to 6 years on decks and eight years on fences and siding.

Why should you choose Behr’s waterproofing stain and sealer review?

1. Winter protection

Snow, rain, and ice are not a problem for this solution, and it provides low-temperature protection and a highly durable finish so that it will resist so many conditions.

2. UV protection

With Behr’s solution, you can keep your things looking fantastic in summer by preventing them from drying out and cracking due to sunlight.

3. Rain protection

The solution has a water-resistant composition. This aids in shielding your deck from water damage caused by water seeping deep into the wood’s items and decreases your worries in rainy seasons.

Benefits of Behr waterproofing stain and sealer

1. Color retention is good.

2. It is available in 60 custom colors to help you create a beautiful look.

3. Increase wood’s natural patterns and protect it from the elements.

4. Avoid fading and protect from sun damage.

5. You can use it on wood, shingles, decks, siding, fences, vinyl, aluminum, masonry, stucco, siding, and concrete.

Disadvantages of Behr waterproofing stain and sealer.

1. Have a strong odor.

2. Peeling can occur.

3. Mold and mildew growth

4. It is not easy to apply.

5. It doesn’t penetrate well.

How can you get a good result from Behr waterproofing stain and sealer?

  • To get better results, you should follow the given guidelines.
  • A pad applicator should be used for large areas.
  • Use the recommended tools to apply this.
  • For more accuracy, use a nylon or polyester brush.
  • Use a 34-inch nap or longer when suitable.
  • A good-quality pump sprayer with a changeable tip or an airless sprayer with a.015- to.019-inch tip can be utilized.

Preparation and tips to apply

  1. Make sure to clean the surface before starting your project. For good results, attain a beautiful look and achieve durability.
  1. Apply this product after using Behr No. 64 Wood Stain and Finish Stripper to eliminate loose wood fibers and oil-based, latex, and 100 percent acrylic coatings on weathered or new wood.
  1. BEHR Premium No. 63 All-In-One Wood Cleaner should be used following No. 64 to clean, neutralize, and clean wood.
  1. Remove light to medium stains due to mildew, algae, mold, and fungus with No. 63. Rinse entirely and dry before coating. On new wood, use an item such as No. 63 to eliminate mill glaze and open the wood’s pores. Gently sand to eliminate remaining wood fibers.
  • The temperature should be between 35 and 90 F (1.7 and 32 C).
  • The surface of the wood must be completely dry before application.
  • Stir the product frequently throughout the application.
  • No primer is required in most of the woods.
  • Cedar, Cypress, Redwood, and other “bleeding” woods have water-soluble extractives that cause discoloration of pastel and white colors; therefore, prime these types of woods with Behr No. 436 exterior multi-surface primer and sealer.
  • If thinning is needed, thin with water at 12 pints per gallon.

Method to apply

  1. Work in little sections, lightly saturating the surface. Remove excess stain and also distribute the stain evenly.
  2. Apply the product end to end and always back-brush to board length to avoid lap marks. More applications can cause peeling and cracking. So do not apply it too heavily. Continue with a wet edge when you are applying. For good performance, apply coats on all six sides of the wood.
  3. Leave it to dry completely after the first coat. Then apply the second coat and leave it to dry entirely.
  4. Contact your household refuse collection service to dispose of an unused paint item.

Is Behr waterproofing stain and sealer oil-based or not?

It is a penetrating oil-based stain that makes things beautiful and protects exterior wood surfaces. This solution is available in popular exterior premix hues and can be tinted in various colors.

How can you get success of your project?

First, you should see the label for the required solution. Proper preparation and application are good ways to get a beautiful deck with durable results. Choosing the best tools to apply the solution is also helpful in ensuring success.


We have searched different reviews to get true reviews about Behr waterproofing stain and sealer. The following reviews are based on people’s experiences and some testing we found after performing good research.

1. It does not penetrate well into the wood as it should. Behr waterproofing stain and sealer dry on top of the surface just like paint.

2. The good thing about the Behr is that it provides excellent UV protection.

3. The stain will peel or wear in uneven patches.

4. Behr premium weatherproofing The stain and sealer had some mold growing on the flooring.

5. Applying the Behr Stain is like painting your deck, but it doesn’t apply evenly.

6. It dries very quickly, and if you are not careful, it will show overlaps.

7. Behr Weatherproofing Stain and sealer do not darken much.

These are reviews from Amazon; both positive and negative reviews are mentioned here.

1. Have a strong odor.

2. It does not penetrate well.

3. Easy to apply

4. Dry quickly.

5. It looks great.

6. It did not apply evenly, even if you reapplied it.

7. Peeling in different spots.

What is the drying time for Behr Waterproofing Stain and Sealer?

One to two hours is suitable for the first coat, and complete recovery after the second coat. Allow 72 hours.

Reviews from other websites

Positive reviews.

  • A person experiences that it has beautiful color and can be applied easily.
  • Excellent paint.
  • Long-lasting beauty
  • very easy to apply as well as going on smoothly.
  • It looks beautiful.
  • This is an excellent item, and you have many hues to pick from.
  • This will stand up to the weather and also wear very well.
  • Good coverage.
  • Good quality.
  • Looks fantastic after two years.
  • Products with this solution look beautiful and brand new.
  • Look fresh.
  • Give a uniform appearance.
  • It covered the wood better and looked nice when it dried.
  • Even with a lot of snow and rain.
  • The application process is super easy.

Negative reviews.

  • Terrible product, according to someone’s experience.
  • Someone applied a semi-transparent stain and a solid color stain to the deck; each stain only lasted for 6 months before it started to fade out and not stay in place.
  • This stain did not stay on, and no protection was provided.
  • Peeled away.
  • Someone said they are wasteful and do not honor the warranty because it was peeling after a year.
  • Does not clean well and peels.
  • Behr products may be poor in quality and durability.
  • Someone used the Behr product for two desks, but it started peeling after two weeks, although it was guaranteed for ten years.
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