Does Washing a Waterproof Jacket Ruin it?

Does washing a waterproof jacket ruin it?

A waterproof jacket is a great thing to keep water out of fabrics and to make the journey comfortable. You find the best waterproof jacket for you and you do not want to destroy it. That’s why you may be curious to know whether washing a waterproof jacket ruins it or not. You should never use harsh chemicals for washing waterproof jackets. The harsh chemicals of detergent can break the composition of the fibers and destroy the waterproof coating. So you should use a specially designed cleanser for it.

Why does washing the waterproof jacket hurt it?

A waterproof jacket is treated with a water-repellent substance. Its outer layer is sometimes made of nylon or polyester. Its underlayer is a polymerized waterproof membrane. Washing and detergents can damage the membrane, and sometimes the waterproof membrane will be removed. To reduce the risk of injury, always wash waterproof jackets carefully and with the appropriate detergent.

What indicates that you need to wash your waterproof jacket?

  • soaking solution
  • Marks and stains

Here we briefly discuss them.

Soaking fluid

As you know, waterproof jackets repel fluids, but if you notice that your jacket soaks fluids, then there are chances this problem can be resolved by washing your waterproof jacket. If the washing isn’t treated, then you may go to re-waterproofing treatment.
stains and marks.
Constant use of a waterproof jacket makes it messy. If you notice any stains and marks that look disturbing, then you need to wash your waterproof jacket.

How should you wash a waterproof jacket?

  • Hand washing is the best option for minimizing damage to the provided waterproof jacket.
  • Brush off all the dust and dirt before washing your waterproof jacket.
  • Take the specially designed detergent and pour it into the bucket full of water.
  • Dip your waterproof jacket in this solution and leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Then rub it gently to remove all the remaining dust.

Do not wash it with other clothes

Take it out of this soapy solution and remove all the soap with fresh water.
Now hang it to dry naturally.
We recommend following all the instructions given on the label because this will be more helpful for you.

When should you need re-waterproofing instead of washing?

If you see that a waterproof jacket absorbs fluid instead of repelling water, then you should first try washing it if it has dust. If cleaning doesn’t make it better, then you need to re-waterproof your jacket.

Why do you need a special detergent to clean a waterproof jacket?

You need a specially designed cleanser, and we also recommend it for the safest results. There are many options available, and you can get the best one according to your budget and needs. You need a specially designed detergent for waterproof jackets because many standard detergents can damage the DWR coating and also break the waterproof membrane. That’s why we do not recommend it. Never use bleach to wash a waterproof jacket because this will hurt your jacket a lot. So, if you want to keep your waterproof jacket in good shape and condition, then get a good detergent for it.

How should your waterproof jacket be washed in the washing machine?

I do not recommend using a washing machine to wash a waterproof jacket, but if you want to wash it in a washing machine for your ease, then you should follow the following steps.

Prepare for your waterproof jacket

Remove all the dust and dirt with a brush or cloth. Zips should also be closed, as well as any flaps, buttons, or poppers.

Prepare the washing machine

Prepare your washing machine according to its instructions and make sure to add the special detergent. Do not use regular detergent to decrease the harm. First, check the detergent compartment. If it is clear, add a specially designed cleanser.

Wash your jacket

Place your jacket in the machine and wash it without other clothes. Wash it on a gentle, 30-degree cycle. Follow the instructions on the label. If it requires 40 degrees, you should give it.

Dry your waterproof jacket

Dry the waterproof jacket completely before storing it. Natural drying is mostly recommended to get rid of damage.

Re-waterproof your jacket

If you notice that the jacket reduces waterproofing, then you should also re-waterproof after washing.


Giving you guidelines to wash your waterproof jacket in the washing machine doesn’t mean you make it a habit. You need to do this only if you need to get rid of stains and marks.

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