How Do I Re-Waterproof My Jacket?

How Do I Re-Waterproof My Jacket?

You worked hard to find your waterproof jacket, but they lose their water resistance over time and need to be re-waterproofed. In this article, we will tell you how to re-waterproof your waterproof jacket.

Why is your waterproof jacket not repelling water anymore?

Your jacket loses durable water repellency (DWR). But it does not always happen this way. Sometimes there are other reasons, such as constant use of the jacket may cause oil and dust to build up on it. But remember dust and oil will also reduce DWR over time. So you need to clean your waterproof jacket regularly. Having an old jacket is also a reason to decrease the efficiency of waterproofing. So, waterproofing will not last forever, and that’s why you should re-waterproof your jacket.

Several factors influence your waterproofing ability

The lifetime of a waterproof jacket will depend on many factors, like the environment, the number of times you use it, how you use it, how you clean it, the area you store it, and some others.
If the quality of your waterproof jacket is excellent, it will last a long time, but you will need to reproof it during this time. Don’t forget that care and maintenance will also help to increase the lifespan of waterproof jackets.
Most jackets are made with a DWR that is applied on the exterior of a waterproof jacket, and the DWR will wear off over time. Fortunately, you can restore waterproof jackets’ performance by re-waterproofing them.

When should waterproof jackets be reproofed?

 If your waterproof jacket loses its ability, you should reproof it rather than replace your leather jacket. Your jacket may become clingy, saggy, and repel less water. If you notice these things, you should re-waterproof them. If you use your jacket daily, you should re-waterproof it after three months. If you don’t use it daily, you can re-waterproof it after six months. Re-waterproofing also depends on how dirty your jacket is and how much abrasion it has.
To know whether there is a need to re-waterproof or not, do the following trick.

To know whether there is a need to reproof, pour some water onto some areas like the shoulders and arms of your waterproof jacket. if you notice water beads on the jacket surface, then you do not need to re-waterproof it. On the other hand, if the jacket soaks in, then it’s time to re-proof it.

Method to re-waterproof your jacket

If you want to re-waterproof your jacket, then you can follow our following guidelines.

Wash the jacket first

Clean your jacket to remove all dirt and oil before re-waterproofing it. This step will also help the DWR coat stick better. You can clean the jacket with a special waterproof jacket cleaner or a mild detergent.
It’s now time to re-waterproof your jacket. To do it, you will have two options: wash-in or spray.

Method to apply spray-on DWR

There are many options available on the market for the spray to re-waterproof your jacket. You have to choose the best one. To spray your jacket, hang your jacket outdoors, zip up the front of it, and also close the pockets. Now all you have to do is apply the spray to the exterior side of the waterproof jacket.


  • Do not spray more on any particular area of the jacket.
  • You can apply the spray again on any leftovers.

Method to apply wash-in DWR.

Choose the best option and then apply the product by hand with a bucket of warm water. To apply Wash-in DWR, we recommend following the instructions given on the bottle. If they allow you to use a washing machine or dryer, you can do this.

Does re-waterproof treatment last long or not?

Reapplication of DWR doesn’t last as long as the factory treatments. Some areas of the waterproof jacket will lose their efficiency faster than others, such as the armpits and shoulders because they are exposed to more abrasion. The lifespan of DWR also depends on the amount of time you wear it. Fortunately, if you feel your waterproof jacket is losing its efficiency, you can again apply treatment to it until your clothes are in good shape and condition.

Tips and precautions to make your re-waterproof jackets last a long time

  • Do not wash it forcefully
  • Reproof your jackets if you see they are losing their efficiency.
  • Re-waterproof jackets should be washed with a specially designed cleanser because harsh detergents can damage your re-waterproof jackets.
  • Empty all the pockets of the jackets before washing your re-waterproof jacket.
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