How to waterproof Indoor and Outdoor rugs

waterproof a rug

The worst thing that can happen to outdoor rugs is rain. Water from taps, on the other hand, is extremely damaging to rugs. Walking on a moist or wet rug is not a good idea especially in winter that can cause diseases.

Therefore, I am going to show you how you can waterproof your rugs in simple ways.

Use of waterproof fabric

  • Simply take the rug, insert a waterproof cloth underneath it, then seal the upper side with a waterproof fabric cover. You will be able to leave it out in the rain as much as you like.

 Use of Fabric seal spray

  • To waterproof the rug, you will need a piece of waterproofing fabric, vinyl grip pads, and fabric seal spray. You will need some simple tools like scissors and carpet tape.

 How to waterproof your rugs

  •      Waterproof the inner side.
  •      Waterproof the outer side.
  •       Testing.

How to waterproof the inner side of the rugs

  • Any wetness on the floor is primarily absorbed by the rug’s bottom. That is why it requires the same level of waterproofing as the upper layer. Because it isn’t apparent to the naked eye, you can use any waterproof cloth in any shape.
  • It won’t make much difference because no one will notice. All you have to do now is make sure it works well.
  • Take a piece of waterproof cloth to the size of the rug or cut to the size of it, and adhere it to the bottom. Keep in mind that you’ll be sticking it to the rug with the waterproof side facing up. To adhere to it, use double tape or carpet tape.
  • Stick the sticky grip pad below after you’ve completed this step.
  • This step is not necessary, although it is recommended to use a vinyl pad to prevent slipping.

How to waterproof the outer side of the rugs

  • Waterproofing isn’t just for the rug’s bottom.
  • Rainwater will fall directly on the upper side, thus that must be waterproofed as well.
  • Therefore, because you’ll only need a fabric seal spray to waterproof this side, it’ll be extremely easy.
  • Thompson’s spray is one of the most effective options on the market, according to most people who have been using it.
  • First, spray one coat of paint on the rug, then wait for it to dry completely.
  • It’s not necessary to spray heavily, simply leave a thin layer and spray from a distance. Allow the rug to air dry for four hours after that.
  • You can test the spray before you start to see whether it affects the color of the fabric.
  • It is said that it does not, however, each substance is unique.
  • After the first coat has dried, apply a second coat and leave the rug to dry.

How to test waterproof rugs?

  • The actual waterproofing stages are now complete, but you must test the rug to see if you were successful.
  • Keep in mind that you can’t expose it to moisture for at least 24 hours. That’s when the spray will be dry and ready to use.
  • Water, a beverage, or any other type of moisture can all be used to test the rug. It should be able to slip off the fabric without absorbing it.
  • If it’s being absorbed rather than repelled, give it another coat of spray and test it once again.
  • To begin repelling water, any fabric should only require four coatings.
  • You should also check the bottom. Pour some water on the ground and cover it with the rug.
  • Once you take it up again, the water must be easy to wipe away without soaking into the fabric. You can also take a foot on it to see whether it’s too slick.

Do you know the benefits of waterproof rugs

Regular carpet absorbs liquids and stains almost rapidly, leaving lasting stains on your floors. This type of carpet offers a ground-breaking flooring solution that is both comfortable and easy to clean. Waterproof carpet has four advantages.

  • Fewer stains and marks.
  • Less maintenance
  • Quick clean
  • Longer life span.

Fewer stains and marks

Waterproof carpet is less prone to stains and blemishes since it naturally repels liquids and spills. Stains don’t sink in and may be easily and quickly cleaned because it has a waterproof backing and is usually comprised of 100 percent nylon fiber. Stains don’t have a chance to take hold because spills are automatically rejected by waterproof carpets. Waterproof carpet is very simple to clean, so stains may be removed quickly.

Less maintenance

Waterproof carpet keeps its attractiveness even under challenging conditions since it resists all moisture and spills. Waterproof carpet can withstand flooding and is resistant to damp situations. This property makes the waterproof carpet more acceptable for applications where carpet would otherwise be ineffective. Waterproof carpet is inherently resistant to stains since it does not retain any water.

Waterproof carpet is naturally resistant to the growth of fungus and mold because it does not absorb any water. Because water, spills, and stains are less likely to stick to waterproof carpet, it requires less upkeep. Waterproof carpet doesn’t need harsh stain removers or potentially harmful treatments because it gets fewer stains and markings.

Clean fast

Spills are quickly and easily cleaned since liquids are not readily absorbed by the waterproof carpet. Spills can be wiped and lifted from the carpet just like they can from tile or vinyl.

Water-based spills may be swiftly removed from the carpet as if they never happened, whether it was a spill of red wine at a formal dinner, a drop of coffee at breakfast, or an animal accident in the middle of the living room.

Longer life span

Waterproof carpet has all of the above features, making it last longer and be more durable. It requires less heavy cleaning because it naturally resists spills and stains. This aids in the preservation of the carpet’s structure. This carpet resists stains naturally, So it stays looking great for longer, allowing you to keep your carpet looking new without having to replace it. Spills, spots, beverages, child’s mess, and animal mishaps leave no marks on the waterproof carpet, keeping your carpet and house looking great for longer.

This carpet is an excellent choice for busy homes and offices that require additional spill and stain prevention.

Why should we waterproof a rug instead of buying a new one?

Because waterproofing the rug is cheaper than buying a new product.


Now you know that waterproofing a rug is very easy. So, waterproof and enjoy your life! Thank you for viewing!

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