9 Best Waterproof Cigarette Cases to Buy This Year

best waterproof cigarette cases

If you are a travelholic, or a person who spend a lot of his time outdoor and you are also a smoker, then having a waterproof cigarette case in your pocket is a must have item for you.

Smoking is definitely not healthy, but that does not advocate the point that we should not care about the cleanliness of cigarettes. A waterproof cigarette not only prevents humidity but also helps in keeping your cigarettes clean.

So, choosing a best good looking waterproof case is healthy and cool. They comes in different materials, metals, glass, and plastic. Its up to you which one to buy considering your need and ease.

Here is the list of our recommended cases for smokers:

YUSUD Waterproof Cigarette Case with USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter (B08QCXRN91)

The main features of the products are:

  • Flameless Tungsten ignition
  • Electric lighter that can be charged using a USB cable.
  • Waterproof casing with double sealing buckle
  • Allows around 20pcs of cigarettes of 88mm size
  • Cool looking decent design

Some Cons of the product:

  • 100mm size products would not fit and may get crushed.

WITZ Black Waterproof Sports Case (B0002SYHWM)

Product features include:

  • Water-resistant sealing
  • Size fits well for all cigarette sizes.
  • Weather tolerant
  • Strong and Crush Resistant
  • It easily floats in the water airtight keeping your cigs safe from water.

Cons of the product:

  • Some buyers reported the delivery of incorrect sizes, other than that is advertised.

WITZ Transparent Waterproof Sports/Cig Case (B0002SYHWM)

Product Features:

This product is the same as the above-mentioned product, the only difference is it comes transparent. You see what is inside the case without opening it, giving you more control over your goal to keep your cigs away from water.

Plastic Water Resistant Cigarette case BY 1-Eclipse (B01MA520XF)

Product Features:

  • This waterproof case fit 100’s cigs

Product Cons:

  • Material can get cracked easily if pressure is applied.

Waterproof Aluminum Cigarette Case (B07CW9PVVH)

Product Features:

  • It is built to carry a few cigs. It can store 4pieces of king size cigarettes.
  • Light weight
  • Portable to carry
  • Have a key ring
  • The product comes in 32grams weight.
  • Made of good quality aluminum alloy
  • Strong and durable.
  • Pretty air tight. 100% water resistant
  • Unique, elegant design. Suitable to gift someone.

 Product Cons:

  • It can produces squeaking noise due to its metallic material which can be annoying sometimes.

Roygra Waterproof Mini Cigarette Case – Black (B07W2X561T)

Roygra waterproof cig case is similar to the above-mentioned Aluminum case, but this one is not made up of aluminum. That comes in different colors so gives you more choice. It can hold 4 to 5 85mm King Size cigs.

It feels a bit heavy for your car key chain.

Waterproof Dual Arc Lighter Cigarette Case (B08L72GFQ9)

Pros and features:

  • Dual arc lighter that can be recharged with a USB cable
  • Made up of the PC material
  • Package Dimensions are (4.53) x (3.35) x (1.34) inches; weight: 68grams
  • Comes in different colors
  • Flameless ignition with sliding the non-slip button.
  • Lithium polymer battery is included in it
  • 20pcs of cigs of 84mm size can be contained.


  • It is not suitable for the king size cigarettes.
  • Lighter can stop working after excessive use.

Vintage Water Resistant Cig Case with Mini Lighter (B089F2MV72)

Product Pros and Features:

  • Sealed and water resistant
  • Classic vintage look
  • Best for men and women
  • USB chargeable lighter
  • It can be a good gift
  • Package Dimensions ‏are‎ 11.7×6.5×2.7 inches; 77 grams


  • Buyers reported the lighter may cause issues
  • It looks like having a leather material but it is made up of hard plastic.

Water Resistant PU Leather Sliding Box (B08RJ3BFQT)

Product Features:

  • Have a pocket for the separate lighter
  • Metallic convenient opening and closing
  • Taste and odorless artificial leather
  • Package Dimensions ‏are ‎ 4.53 x 3.7 x 1.54 in inches; 77 grams
  • A good gift item for a smoker.


  • No lighter with this box.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where to buy waterproof cigarette case?

We have recommended all the products from Amazon, as Amazon is the most reliable marketplace. You can easily buy there and if you find any issue you can claim the refunds keeping in view the terms of service.

How to clean cigarette cases?

You can keep cleaning your cases time to time as it can produce a smell after some time. Workers in the tobacco shops use tapered pipe cleaners that are small enough to fit in the holder.

Other than that, you can find a small bristle brush at Amazon to clean the cases.

Also, sanitize them with liquor or isopropyl alcohol.

Are old cigarette cases and packets worth anything?

Well, yes antique cig cases are definitely have worth. But they must be of decades old. There are many smoking enthusiasts who love to collect the old cig packets and containers. Having such communities create a market for the antique cases.

There are websites which sells vintage cases with labels like

“Cigarette packets from the 1920s and 30s”

“Cig packets from the 1950s and 60s”

“Cigarette holders from the 70s”

This shows the worth mostly depends on how old they are.

Do cigarette cases keep cigarettes fresh?

Yes, they can play significant role in keeping your cigs fresh and preserve them for a longer time.

Different materials can have different effect.

  • Metallic boxes are mostly waterproof and help the cigs stay preserved for a longer time.
  • Cardboard cases can also help keep cigs preserved if good foiling and lining are used.  
  • Kraft Boxes are economical. Ensuring proofing and lining keeps cigs fresh. These boxes are also recyclable.
  • Corrugated cases ensure safety and freshness due to the double encasement of the sheets used in it.
  • There can be many other sorts of material such as plastic and also packaging models that help the cigs keep fresh and stay preserved for a longer time. 

Why do people have cigarette cases?

These cases are used not only to carry the cigs with them on any place or adventure, but also to carry ID cards, money, and even sometime phones if they fit in them.

Some also use them for the fashion and style as they are made with different design and styles.

How do you make a homemade cigarette case?

Follow the steps mentioned below to create your own cig case.

  1. Gather supplies
  2. Make a template
  3. Tape it up
  4. Add a folder for the lighter if you want
  5. Tape the sides of the box
  6. Finishing

Read the complete tutorial here.

Do these cases smell bad after time?

Yes, they usually start smelling like the smell of your cigs. You can use some odor eliminator to get rid of the smell. Here are some odor eliminators recommended by us:

  • Zep Smoke Odor (B07M8YGHDQ)
  • LEVOIT Air Purifier (B071D58ZY5)
  • Zero Odor – Pet Odor Eliminator (B00LLK2M8G)

Are the products recommended here, in this article, sold by Sharpenery.com?

No, we are not the seller of any product mentioned in this article. We have just curated the best products available in the market to help you choose the best waterproof casing for your needs. We only earn a small affiliate commission if you purchase using the links mentioned in here and that is absolutely at no extra cost to you.

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