How to waterproof the window in the shower?

How to waterproof window in shower?

Windows handles the environmental factor and is also used for many other benefits. Unmanaged moisture can damage the window in the shower. To protect the window, many methods are used to do so. You can safeguard the windows in shower rooms with the help of the given methods. Luckily, some don’t require much of your time or money.

Why do showers have a window?

Sometimes older houses have a full-size window in the shower because the shower serves as a bathtub. And at that time, splashing water wasn’t much around, so a window in the bathing area was acceptable. But they will be converted to showers when it falls out of fashion. The controls and tub basin remain, and a water supply line was included to bring the head of the shower to around 80 inches high. With a tile surround within the enclosure and a curtain attached, the tub was ready to be utilized as a shower, although improperly.

What should you consider to protect your window in the shower?

Before you decide on any solution to waterproof your window, some factors should be considered that are given.


You have to know about the level of exposure from the window, depending on where the shower is located. If the shower window is exposed to the community, you need a curtain. Translucent and transparent are two options.

Window sill

Considering the type of window sill is also essential. Water will always be collected if there is anything flat in the shower. A slanted sill is more effective than a flat one.

Lighting source

Consider that light is a good factor when waterproofing your shower window because the type of material affects the light in the room. Vinyl and fibreglass frames affect light less as compared to translucent curtains.


The position of the head of the shower and the direction of water flow are important factors to know when you are thinking about shower window protection. Don’t worry if the window sill is out of the water splash area; just wipe it. But if it is with the water splash area, use a waterproof shower sill to decrease the risk of damage.


Knowing that the solution is for the long term or short term is critical. Duration and durability will tell you which one is best for you. Draping is a temporary method over a shower curtain.

Material Use

The material used to make shower sills is also an important factor. Some materials may not be as appropriate as you think. They may corrode when they come in contact with moisture for a long time. So a tiled window sill is a better option. The best choice is a material that eliminates seams, such as solid surface material. If someone still wants a trim, choose a plastic one instead of a wooden one because it will not rot. 

Different solutions are given that can be helpful for you to avoid damage due to moisture.

Solution number 01.

Use waterproof window curtains

You can use waterproof window curtains to decrease the chance of damage. You also have options, and you can get the best one. However, finding appealing waterproof curtains can be difficult at times. Luckily, you can simply hang the plastic curtains for an easy solution. But make sure that whatever you use to protect your windows is effective. If you don’t have a place to hang curtains, you can use a rod to hang them. Unfortunately, plastic curtains are transparent, and they will not provide privacy. So you can decide what your needs are and you can use one that is suitable for them.

Solution# 02.

Waterproof window treatment

To protect your window, you can use window treatment. You can use vinyl window blinds because they need less maintenance and cleaning. But carefully choose something that can cover the window entirely. To install blinds, you can fix the curtains by the grout lines on the tiled wall. You will need a drill to mount it on the wall directly.

Solution number three:

Use a vinyl tarpaulin cover

A vinyl cover can be used to protect your windows. Fortunately, this cover is simple and also affordable. A vinyl tarpaulin cover is a good alternative to a waterproof blind or shower curtain. Buy a cover with grommets. Hold the cover to the wall where it covers the window, then mark where you need hooks. Make a hole with a drill, and then screw the hooks in. You can also use a screw eye attachment on the drill if required. Now hang the vinyl tarpaulin cover.

4th solution

Glass blocks

Glass blocks are a great way to solve your issue because they allow the natural diffused light to come in and provide privacy. Glass blocks are also effective in the morning sunshine. The most important thing is that if you use glass blocks, they will also give better water resistance.

Do you have a specially designed window to use in the bathroom?

There may be no standard window for the bathroom, but some are more commonly used in bathrooms. The window you should select should be easy to operate and provide good privacy and ventilation.

Wrap up

Windows are commonly used for good bathroom or shower fixtures. Windows will give light as well as ventilation to these areas. Unfortunately, if you don’t take care, the water in your baths can cause the window to rot. So there are numerous solutions to avoid rot, some of which are written about in this blog. You can use one that is suitable for you. Once again, we said that before you decide on a solution, always consider the factors to consider while solving this issue. Because privacy, light, and many other things are required, you shouldn’t forget them.

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